Paint Correction

Professional Paint Correction & Paint Defect Removal 

Removing everything from light marring and fine scratches to heavy paint damage is an art and should only be performed by a trained professional. Why? Because there are all types of painted surfaces with all kinds of variables that need to be addressed and well-thought-out before confronting any and all paint damage.

BC Detailing Pros offer a variety of paint correction and scratch removal services. We specialize in everything from wet sanding and machine work to paint polishing and the fine art of paint finishing for the perfect, high gloss, deep rich painted finish.

We Specialize In The Correction Of Most Paint Technology 

  • Single-stage Paint 
  • Multi-stage Paint
  • Lacquer and Acrylic Paint 
  • Old School Tinted Paints 
  • Urethane Paints 
  • Clear Coat Paint 
  • Soft, Medium & Hard Paint 
  • Custom Paints 
  • Protected Paints 
  • Flat & Semi-Flat Paint 


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